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Show your support to me and the Lord’s Taverners by supporting #RunsForChange.

Join me and pledge to give for every run I score in all Kent matches.

This is a new unique way of fundraising at a time when the charity’s activity has been hampered by Covid-19, where fans get the chance to pledge amounts for each run I score with the money going to towards the great work the Lord’s Taverners is doing throughout the country.
In 2020, over 12,000 disadvantaged and disabled young people benefitted from the charity’s life changing cricket programmes but the pandemic is having a significant impact on the wellbeing of the young people the charity supports. Feelings of isolation and loneliness have become the norm with access to their programmes limited.
Please give whatever you can to support the charity.

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The Need

  • Young people with a disability are less than half as likely to take part in sport at least once a week than young people without a disability
  • 69% of parents with disabled children have difficulty accessing local services for them, and 90% are worried about cuts to the local services that they need
  • 30% of children (4.1m) in the UK live in poverty, with those from lowest income households more likely to report low levels of physical activity: 47% of children aged 5-15 from the lowest household income group currently have low activity, compared with 35% in the highest

The Lord's Taverners is passionate about helping to create more opportunities for young people to take part in sport and recreation, through the continued expansion of our programmes and further investment in vital facilities and equipment.

By creating these opportunities, we will have a lasting impact on the lives of young people with a disability and those living in areas of high levels of poverty, across the UK and beyond. By becoming a goalgiver you can help make this change.

More about the cause

More about the cause

Share this campaign and help us raise our target!


£1.89 raised of £500

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Recent Fixtures

Runs *
Essex (A)
Vitality Blast - 20/06/21
  • Kent Spitfires win by 67 runs
Glamorgan (H)
Vitality Blast - 16/06/21
  • Kent Spitfires win by 40 runs
Somerset (H)
Vitality Blast - 15/06/21
  • Somerset win by 47 runs
Gloucestershire (A)
Vitality Blast - 13/06/21
  • Kent Spitfires win by 5 runs
Middlesex (A)
Vitality Blast - 11/06/21
  • Kent Spitfires win by 16 runs
Hampshire (A)
Vitality Blast - 09/06/21
  • Kent Spitfires win by 38 runs
Northamptonshire (A)
County Championship - 03/06/21
  • Match drawn
Glamorgan (A)
County Championship - 20/05/21
  • Match drawn
Sussex (H)
County Championship - 13/05/21
  • Match drawn
Yorkshire (H)
County Championship - 06/05/21
  • Match drawn

Upcoming Fixtures

Gloucestershire (H)
Vitality Blast