What is goalgiving?

goalgiving is a fun new way to help charities raise more money. We're a tech-for good platform created by sports fans for sports fans to be inspired by their team to give more to charity - by promising to give per 'goal' and earning rewards for their support.

How do you feel when your team wins? Now imagine that with every goal, every wicket, every try. every win, they raise thousands of pounds for the charity you care about.

How much would you give to charity for your team to win their next game? To score their next goal? To win the league? Imagine if you convinced 5 people to do the same, then 10, then 100 and you could track your impact.

Imagine if every time Harry Kane scored he raised £1m for charity. That was our catalyst, and it has become our mission - to create the first million-pound 'goal' for charity - be it a goal, a try or a wicket at the cricket. It's a win win. Could it be your team? Could you do more good and become a goalgiver?

We were frustrated receiving letters or email after email from charities asking for £10 a month. Almost everyone can afford to give more, but with so many asks every day, there needs to be a better way to spur one-off donors to become regular givers, and to spur regular givers to maintain their giving or give more.

goalgiving enables players, teams, brands and charities to create campaigns and invite their fans or followers to join them in giving to charity based on performance - and incentivised with behind-the-scenes rewards to collectively raise game-changing sums.

Again, it's a win, win.

And if you want to donate regardless of a result - win, lose or draw - you can.

Either way, we want to help raise more money for the causes you care about.

So join the movement, get involved, make an impact and become a goalgiver.

How does it work?

  1. Choose a campaign created by a player or a team to support a particular charity.
  2. Set the amount you want to give per 'goal' e.g. £5 each time they score or win.
  3. With every 'goal' we'll automatically credit your charity with your donation.
  4. The more fans who sign up, the more we raise with every 'goal'.
  5. It's a win, win and you can earn rewards for your giving too.

or build your own goalgiving: pick your team, your choice of metric (e.g. goals or tries), donation amount and charity to support.

Do more good with every goal and become a goalgiver today.

What does it cost? goalgiving fees and why we have them

goalgiving is free for fans to use and free for charities and teams to create campaigns on.

We're a tech-for-good company, which means we are 'for profit', so we can attract investment to build a safe, secure system, and we're focused on delivering social good - so we can help you raise more funds for the causes you care about and reduce the cost of fundraising for charities.

In return for access to the goalgiving platform, coming up with ideas for campaigns, set-up and on-going support, processing donations safely, enabling Gift Aid and helping with rewards we deduct a small, fair, admin fee of 5% on each donation.

This helps us to:

  • invest in the technology to keep it safe and secure,
  • make it more fun and effective as the number and impact of goalgivers grow, and
  • provide the ideas and tools charities need to raise more money.

For example - if you donate £10, we'll deduct 50p. That's less on average than you'd tip a waiter; and you have the option to tick a box and cover the cost of the fee.

If you disagree with a fair fee for a good service then please tick the box to pay a little extra and cover it yourself, or donate another way, but give as much as you would have done as a goalgiver!

A number of donation sites promote 0% fees but ask donors for 10% or 15% tips while also charging each charity monthly subscription fees.

In summary:

  • Free for charities to set up campaigns (no set up/monthly fees)
  • Free for donors to use the site
  • 5% fair admin fee on each donation
  • Donors can opt to cover this fee
  • No fee charged on gift aid

Card charges:

  • Transactions < £5: 5%+5p per transaction for all payment methods
  • Transactions >£5: 1.2% +20p for European Cards (2.9% +20p for Non European Cards)
Example donation: £10
With reward
Opting out of rewards
& if donor covers fee
Transaction fee (Stripe)
Gift Aid
Total for the charity

Who can create a campaign?

Players, teams, charities, brands. For a one-off event, a weekend of fixtures or a season. Talk to us. Email [email protected]

Can I suggest a charity that isn't on goalgiving yet?

Absolutely. Ask them to email [email protected] and we'll get them signed up faster than Usain Bolt*.

Or complete the Build Your Own section on our homepage.

Or get in touch yourself direct, tell us your story or idea and we can give them a call to join the dots.


What are your social media handles or hashtags?



I'm having trouble donating (or any other IT issue), what do I do?

Email [email protected] with 'HELP ME' in the subject line, explain the issue as best you can, and (if possible) include a screenshot and let us know what device and browser you are using. E.g. Laptop and Chrome or Iphone 7 and safari. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

How are donations transferred to the charity?

Your trust and the security of the money you are donating are top of our list. All donations are held independently of goalgiving by our payment provider, Stripe, and then paid directly to each charity’s Stripe account minus fees immediately if possible or within seven days. goalgiving does not handle or have access to your donations or card details.

How do I know if my goalgiving is working?

We'll send you a confirmation email when you sign up (please check your junk email and add us to your contacts). Then update you after each 'goal'.

The amount you have donated will appear on your 'My Account' page after each match and we'll send a receipt by email when your generous donations are collected and sent on to the charity.

At the end of each campaign we'll let you know the collective impact that you and fellow fans have made and let you know about any rewards you might have earned along the way.

Can I limit or cap my donations?

Absolutely. Worried Harry Kane might score 50 goals a season? You can set an upper limit on the amount you give over per game or over the campaign. Equally you can also choose to donate a different amount if he plays but can't hit a barn door. If he scored 50 goals though, imagine how happy you'd be, and how much more charitable you might feel...

Penalties - which goals count?

Donations will be triggered in line with Football Association rules for the top scorer awards, i.e. all goals scored in normal or extra-time but excluding penalties in a penalty shoot-out. e.g. if you are donating for every goal your team scores, you won't be charged for 5 goals in a penalty shootout, but will be charged for a goal (including a penalty) scored in extra time. Make sense?

Results are usually set at 90 minutes in the betting world, but this isn't betting. If your team wins in extra time, you care. You're thrilled. And so it triggers a donation. All wins are counted as wins whether they are within 90 minutes, after extra-time or after penalties

What is the 'goalgiving ranking' on My Account page?

This is where you rank out of all the donors to that campaign in relation to how much you have donated.

Can I claim gift aid?

Yes. When you sign up you have the option to tick a box to claim gift aid on your donation (which will add 25p for every £1 you donate) - if you are eligible and happy to renounce any rewards. You must be registered as a UK taxpayer and will be asked to complete a Gift Aid declaration. We will then pass this information on to the charity.

Are my details safe?

We hate spam and promise to keep your details safe. We don't see or hold your card details (all handled by Stripe), we use EU-based servers, we make sure the site meets all standards it should do and employ lawyers to check our paperwork and processes. We're trusted by charities and sports stars and hope we can earn your trust too.


Did you say 'rewards'?

Yes. goalgiving allows players, teams, organisations to incentivise your giving with behind-the-scenes content, merchandise or invites. You can see your rewards or how close you are to them in your 'My Account' page. Don't worry, if you've earned one then we'll be in touch.

Not happy?

We aim to do good so if have any concerns about anything we do please get in touch straight away on email at [email protected] so we can work together to resolve it. We'll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can and aim to resolve any complaints within 2 weeks or let you know a timescale beyond this if more time is required. Our complaints procedure is available on request and if the issue remains unresolved you can contact the Fundraising Regulator.

Are you registered with the Fundraising Regulator?

We abide by the Code of Fundraising Practice and the Fundraising Promise promoted by the Fundraising Regulator and have applied for registration.

Got another question?

Email [email protected] and we'll get back to you.